Working in Clark County: Sativa McGee, Tiny By Design

Although her business is new, McGee’s passion for design and construction dates back to her teenage years, when she interned with a design firm in Longview as part of a high school program for disadvantaged youth. McGee then attended the Art Institute of Portland, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in interior design.

Her particular interest in secondary suites and tiny homes was born when her mother experienced her own housing crisis. A recent health diagnosis left her homeless and unable to find accommodation she could afford on disability benefits. McGee decided to take matters into her own hands by building a house for her mother.

Knowing that his mother’s situation was not uncommon, McGee launched his business as well.

“My job allows me to empower people. I can create spaces that allow people who would otherwise have to be moved to a care facility to be able to stay in their homes,” McGee said, “whether it’s just creating affordable little homes or building a space specifically adapted to the needs of a handicap. with wheelchair access and other accessibility features.

As a new small business owner, McGee handles customer service and takes care of the paperwork. She also oversees quality control. McGee’s day-to-day work includes meeting and interviewing potential buyers, developing and sending designs to clients, and visiting job sites, supervising sub-contractors as they build each home to respond responsively. unique to the needs of each client.

In addition to supporting adults in his community, McGee also wants Tiny By Design to support and uplift local students by creating learning opportunities through workshops and internships, similar to the internship that sparked his passion for design. construction.

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