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Winter is well and truly on the way, with an area of ​​low pressure predicted to bring freezing northerly winds to the UK, which will see temperatures drop significantly. While the weekend has been sunny and mild, conditions will change over the coming week depending on the latest weather charts and forecasters.

Monday will be another sunny but cool day that Netweather forecasters owe to an area of ​​high pressure bringing the weather forecast for the first part of the week.

However, by mid-week conditions will change and you may notice a noticeably cold feeling in the air.

The high pressure area will head west, which forecasters say will allow an area of ​​low pressure to reach the North Sea, moving southeast from Iceland.

The low will bring cold northerly winds across the UK from Thursday – triggering downpours that could potentially turn winter.

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“It could force the jet stream further south, bringing cold air south and a relatively warm system across the western Pacific.”

If you live on higher ground you might see snow this week, Netweather forecasters adding that the west of Scotland might see snow at lower levels.

Looking at Netweather’s snow risk maps for Thursday, much of Scotland potentially appears to be seeing snow showers.

A map, dated Thursday, November 25 at 9 a.m., shows snow in northern Scotland, extending into the center of the country.

By Friday, there will be another downpour, this time stronger, with another chance that it will be winter.

For the northern highlands, there is a chance that “a lot of snow” will fall.

Snow risk maps for Friday again show snow showers over Scotland, some also over northern England and Wales.

At 6 p.m. on Friday, snow is likely to fall in Scotland, north-west England and much of Wales.

As next weekend approaches, cold northerly winds will continue to bring more downpours to the coasts and potentially to the interior.

The north will again see snow on higher ground, with potential for falls.

What do the other snow maps show?

WXCharts charts give a high probability of snowfall Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.

The graphs show that snowfall is likely on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

On Wednesday, the probability of snowfall in Scotland stands at 85%, with that figure falling to 20% for the north of England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

That risk increases on Thursday, with a 90 percent chance of snow in northern Scotland, up to 50 percent as far as Newcastle and 15 percent widely elsewhere in the UK.

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