Ukraine calls for creation of special international tribunal to hold Putin accountable for war crimes

In order to hold senior Russian officials accountable for the act of aggression, Ukraine has said it intends to establish a special international tribunal. According to the Guardian report, if successful, he could issue an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Thursday, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration for Ukraine Andriy Smyrnov noted that Ukraine believed holding Moscow separately for the act of aggression, with international participation, would hasten its journey towards holding the president accountable. Russian and his entourage.

Although the International Criminal Court does not have jurisdiction to try acts of aggression, which are recognized by members of the United Nations as international crimes, they are nevertheless considered the most serious international crimes because of their repercussions.

Smyrnov claimed: “The fact that (Russia) invaded Ukraine with its army is a fact accepted by our international partners,” reported The Guardian. He added: “We hope to have the indictment within three months.”

Even if the culprits were not in custody, according to Smirnov, a decision by an international tribunal would still contribute to some form of justice for Ukraine.

Top Russian military and political leaders should bring justice for alleged crimes in Ukraine

On top of that, Anton Korynevych, Goodwill Ambassador for Ukraine and the person leading negotiations with other nations on the issue, said: “Already having an indictment and an arrest warrant against Putin, for (Russian Defense Minister Sergei) Shoigu … will be a big step forward in getting justice.” He further claimed that an international and legitimate court would identify and label them as “potential criminals”.

Korynevych, who suggested The Hague as a potential site for the tribunal, said he wanted the participation of as many foreign partners as possible to legitimize any verdict and increase the possibility of accountability. The goal is to make it as open and inclusive as possible, he added.

According to Korynevych, a number of Ukraine’s international allies have endorsed the creation of the tribunal. But he said naming the nations that consented would be too soon and too sensitive, The Guardian reported.

In addition to this, earlier, Dmytro Kuleba, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine stressed that senior military and political leaders of the Russian Federation should bring justice for the alleged crimes committed in Ukraine, according to media reports. Kuleba reportedly said it was necessary to prosecute senior Russian Federation officials for war crimes committed against Ukraine.

“I will be extremely clear: Ukraine accuses Russia of committing the crime of aggression,” citing Kuleba, European Pravda reported.

Meanwhile, according to Ukrainian military intelligence, Russia has used up to 60% of its arsenal of high-precision weapons since the start of the full-scale invasion of the country. Analysis of Ukrainian military intelligence, which was shared on Telegram, revealed that Russia mainly used ballistic missiles.

(Picture: AP)

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