Two new digital business services launched in the home zone – ICC

With a new online certification tool and a revamped Certificate of Origin (CO) verification website, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is expanding and modernizing its catalog of digital trade services offered in the area of ​​origin.

A new online tool for smoother customs controls

ICC World Chambers Federation is proud to announce the launch of its new online certification tool, Genesis. Scheduled to last until the end of the year, the pilot project will involve eight participating champion chambers: the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Basel Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland as well as five in the UK: British Chambers of Commerce, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce and Business West (Bristol Chamber of Commerce).

Genesis is a digital tool initiated by ICC to verify the self-certification of exporters. It allows exporters to apply online to their chamber of commerce to obtain certification of their declaration of origin on invoice declarations, making them more reliable. By offering a reliable verification tool to exporters but also to importers and customs authorities, Genesis aims to reduce the risks and costs of fraud and to facilitate customs controls. Exporters in the Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland and the UK are encouraged to contact their chambers if they wish to have their self-certification certified.

Upon completion of this initial pilot project, ICC will evaluate and analyze its effectiveness as a potential online solution to ensure the reliability of online self-certification for exporters. The project will then be open to the entire ICC World Chambers Federation community.

A revamped website for more transparent verification processes

In line with its objective to expand its catalog of digital trade services offered in the area of ​​rules of origin, the World Federation of Chambers of Commerce ICC has also updated its Certificate of Origin (CO) verification website, which allows chambers of commerce and customs authorities to confirm the authenticity and validity of COs issued by accredited chambers located in the 31 participating countries of the international CO accreditation chain.

Over the years, the number of users of ICC’s CO verification website has grown significantly and ICC has found it necessary to upgrade its platform to a more modern, secure and innovative interface. The newly revamped website will now display additional information, such as a description of the goods and the countries of origin and destination, and will allow customs authorities to review the complete CO form, being redirected to the chamber system. issuer or its national verification website.

The ability to scan the QR code on the CO instead of manually entering the information has also been added to the new website.

Martin Van der Weide, Chairman of the ICC WCF CO International Council, said: “Certificates of origin are increasingly dematerialized. It is therefore crucial to have an instrument that gives customs authorities the possibility to verify the authenticity of COs. I am extremely proud that the recent update to our verification website provides the ability to view the full CO content issued by an ICC accredited chamber of commerce. This key addition will undoubtedly help make the ICC website the go-to tool for Customs around the world.

With these two innovative digital projects, ICC is expanding its catalog of digital trade services offered in the area of ​​rules of origin and advancing its global campaign to promote international trade by making technology work for everyone.

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