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Tropical-Pacific weather forecast for Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Eastern Pacific:

Celia is slowly fading

In the eastern Pacific, Tropical Storm Celia remains the only active tropical system. As the storm slowly tracks west-northwest through the middle of the week, it will move across

increasingly cold water, which will lead to the death of the storm. Other than surf and rip currents along southern Baja California early this week, there should be no direct impacts on land.

Additionally, we continue to monitor tropical development in southern Mexico later this week as a tropical wave heads west and continues to produce areas of rain and thunderstorms. Any system that

forms in this area are likely to trend west-northwest and not pose a direct threat to Mexico.

Elsewhere in the basin, tropical development is not expected for the remainder of the week.

West Pacific:

Risk of tropical development at the end of the week or weekend

On Monday afternoon EDT, an ill-defined tropical rainstorm is located near Luzon in the northern Philippines. The tropical rain storm will remain weak as it drifts west-northwest over the next

a few days and is expected to emerge over the South China Sea around Wednesday local time. Once over the South China Sea, conditions should be more conducive to developing into a tropical storm late

this week.

Meanwhile, showers and thunderstorms will be frequent over the Luzon region of the Philippines through Friday. Rainfall amounts of 6 to 12 inches (150 to 300 mm) are expected with prime locations

receiving up to 24 inches (600 mm). Flooding, landslides and travel disruptions are likely. The potential tropical storm could impact southeast China later this weekend or early next week.

Another tropical system may develop near the Ryukyu Islands or the East China Sea this weekend with possible impacts over the Korean Peninsula and/or Japan early next week.

South Pacific:

No new information for this period.

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