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Tropical-Pacific weather for Tuesday, September 14, 2021


East Pacific:

No development in the basin

At this time, the eastern Pacific basin remains calm.

The area of ​​weather disturbance we monitor along Mexico’s southwest coast has remained too close to the coast for development, and at this time it seems unlikely to turn into a

tropical depression. Elsewhere, no tropical development is expected over the next few days.

West Pacific:

Chanthu remains almost stationary

Tuesday afternoon EDT Chanthu, known as Kiko in the Philippines, is now a tropical storm east-southeast of Shanghai, China. The storm is drifting very slowly east-southeast.

Chanthu is expected to remain almost stationary off the coast of central China until Wednesday. However, given that this is a small storm in the area and has lost additional wind intensity, the threat of strong

rains and destructive winds have largely ceased over eastern China, including the Shanghai area. Only a few random squalls remain with brief heavy rains and gusts of wind.

Later this week, Chanthu is expected to start moving much faster east-northeast with impacts on South Korea and Japan possible Friday in the weekend local time.

South Pacific:

No new information for this period.


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