Town of Tuscaloosa to spend nearly $ 2 million to repair Tropical Storm Claudette


BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – Tuscaloosa City Council recently voted to spend just under $ 2 million to repair damage to water and sewer lines caused by Tropical Storm Claudette.

“It opened our eyes to some slopes around water pipes and sewers that could be further stabilized. We did it through Jack Warner and the Bridge, ”City Council Chairman Kip Tyner told the WBRC.

The city will donate $ 800,000 to the John Plott Company to repair damage caused by the North River raw water repair. The Dominion Construction Company will receive $ 1.1 million to repair raw water and sewers in Westervelt.

“So we are looking for ways to stabilize the terrain around it. So I think we learned a lot from that as well. But in terms of handling that, that was the problem. The amount was just too large to take even once, ”Tyner continued.

He said the nine inches of rain that fell in the Tuscaloosa area in one day overwhelmed the system and caused problems that needed to be addressed. Tyner is glad the city didn’t have to borrow money to cover these costs.

“I think it’s great to have a healthy reserve. I don’t know a lot of cities that could unlock $ 2 million in a week, ”Tyner continued.

He added that the city has also taken a closer look at its sewer lines since the problems of Tropical Storm Claudette and is in the process of replacing five of those lines.

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