Toms River NJ Bed Bug Extermination – Pest Infestation Control Service Update

With this move, the company is once again committed to providing efficient and affordable service to its customers. It uses a combination of materials to kill bed bugs and stop their reproduction.

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The enhanced offer is available for commercial and residential customers. Customers will be served by licensed and highly trained technicians who can complete all tasks on time and within budget.

Bedbugs prefer to live in small cracks and crevices, waiting for an opportunity to feast on human blood. Although they are not known to carry disease, the welts caused by their bites can be very itchy and annoying.

Fortunately, Ozane Termite and Pest Control have a proven system for getting rid of these bloodsucking vermin. Before starting the work, she will carefully inspect the premises to identify all the places where the bed bugs are hiding.

The contractor will use a special chemical that will kill the pests on contact. Technicians will also provide valuable advice to customers on how to prevent reinfestation.

Knowing that cost is a concern for many customers, the company offers risk-free, no-obligation service quotes. To request a quote, potential clients simply need to call the office or use the online contact form.

About Ozane Termite and Pest Control

Since 1917, Ozane Termite and Pest Control have more than a century of extermination experience. In addition to bed bugs, it can also eliminate the properties of termites, mosquitoes, camel crickets, and even mold. The contractor is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​accredited entity and part of industry organizations such as the National Pest Management Association.

A spokesperson said: “There is nothing worse than waking up to find bed bug marks on your skin. That’s why our team offers expert extermination services so you never have to worry about these little creatures again.

Interested parties can visit if they need more details about the company and its suite of offerings.

Contact information:
Name: David Koerner
Email: Send email
Organization: Ozane Termites and Pest Control
Address: 1761 Lakewood Rd, Toms River, NJ 08755, USA
Phone: +1-732-504-3758

Build ID: 89071973

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