These North Texas counties aren’t the cheapest for new-build value, report finds

Construction Coverage ranks Collin and Denton counties first in Texas for average new construction value.

Collin and Denton counties are the best in Texas, and maybe not in such a good way.

Ever-developing counties are the most expensive in Texas by average new construction value, according to a Construction Coverage report.

The researchers analyzed numbers from the US Census Bureau’s Building Permit Survey (2021), the most recent data available. The average permit value per authorized unit was determined and ranked by county among large, medium, small, all counties, and nationally.

Among the nation’s 87 large counties (population 750,000 or more), Collin County’s average new construction value was $251,424 per house or apartment, ranking the most expensive county in Texas. Denton County was close behind and 26th nationally with a value of $249,413.

Among the top 26, Collin and Denton had the most units allowed with 17,140 and 11,575.
Single-family homes accounted for 78.7% of new residential construction permitted in Collin and 78.4% of new housing permitted in Denton County.

Among all US counties, Collin and Denton were ranked 88th and 90th.

Tarrant County ranked 65th with an average new construction value of $190,620.

Dallas County has the 15th lowest average value of new construction at $171,161, compared to $218,791 per unit nationally. Single-family units made up 41.1% of the total in Dallas County, compared to 64.2% of units nationwide.

What is construction coverage: The San Diego-based company provides data-driven analysis and research of industry trends in the construction sector, including software, insurance and home improvement products.

Report Review: In describing its methodology, Construction Coverage noted that the building permit value does not reflect the ultimate market value of the unit, but rather the total value of all construction work for which the permit is issued. You can dive deep into the data with a dynamic chart that categorizes data into six categories. 🐇 🐇 🐇 🐇

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