The home of North Philadelphia Block captain Dana Pemberton collapses next to new construction on the 2400 block of Turner Street.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – After a life spent at her home in North Philadelphia, in the 2400 block of Turner Street, Dana Pemberton, known as “Miss Dana”, had not planned that the front of her house s ‘collapses.

But it does, and it turns out there is new construction right next door.

“It’s just a mess,” Pemberton said.

It all started at the end of October when its front facade began to warp. On November 1, she was walking outside when he fell.

“You could hear it crumble, and we just ran this far, and it was all on the ground,” Pemberton said.

She doesn’t know what to do.

“My insurance said they weren’t covering it,” Pemberton added.

She says the neighboring construction company hasn’t been on the line lately either.

“They are missing, missing in action,” she said.

The Philadelphia Licensing and Inspection Department said the first nationwide construction company was out of Conshohocken and had not broken any codes. Because of these L&I, officials say they are not responsible for fixing everything.

We spoke with the 1st owner of National Construction. He says he feels bad about what happened. But since he hasn’t broken any codes, his insurance won’t cover all of that either. He also doesn’t fix Miss Dana’s house out of pocket.

So Action News asked a lawyer what could be done.

“I have only practiced contraction law for over 23 years,” said Jennifer Horne of Horn Williamson, LLC.

Horn thinks Miss Dana’s house may have had issues already, but doesn’t think the collapse would have happened without the construction.

“Do I think the facade would have collapsed on its own?” May be. But unlikely, ”Horn said.

She also says insurance companies probably won’t help you until you get a lawyer.

“Insurance companies consider damage to be excluded from the home insurance policy and not manifesting voluntarily,” Horn said.

She adds that it is difficult for various reasons to get the city to intervene.

So the victims, like Miss Dana, need legal help.

“We see that they are either unable or unwilling to force this builder or developer to pay for the damage they cause,” Horn added.

On Friday, there was a demonstration about this even in front of L&I headquarters.

Organizers are calling for residents near new construction to be protected by a comprehensive liability agreement.

As for Miss Dana, she has no intention of entering her home until it is fixed.

“I am disabled and they are not giving me housing,” Pemberton said.

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