The Charlotte group helps young women enter the historically male construction industry

CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – There is a desperate need for people in the construction industry. But ninety percent of all the people who work there are men. It’s always been like this, but that don’t mean it should still To be like that.

They are not there to be silent or contained.

“It’s fun to do the nailer,” laughs high school student Amber Garcia. “It’s really loud.”

Rather, they are here to see and learn what they box do.

“The nail guns we use are mine, they are my tools,” said Andi Dirkscheider of Brookline Homes.

For the first time ever, the Professional Women Builders, or PWBs, in Charlotte are teaching young girls the literal tools of the trade. A handful of girls built doghouses for charity on Thursday. They were able to gain hands-on experience using power tools, while learning how to start projects from scratch.

Andi said she grew up in the industry and realized that other women can also learn that they are welcome.

“Not knowing this is a space for women is really why we’re doing this. We want to make sure girls know that building homes is welcoming and jobs aren’t gender biased,” said Andy.

It’s a male-dominated industry, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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“I think it’s important for girls to know that a girl can do as much as a guy can do,” said Makenzie Champion, who is about to start ninth grade.

The dog houses will be donated to a shelter or auctioned off with the proceeds of a scholarship for a woman who wants to enter the home building industry.

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