Texas construction company ranked ninth to work for in 2022 and it has job openings

The daily monotony of a job can often feel like a drag if the workplace vibes are muted or if the company as a whole treats its employees poorly.

This year, Great Place to Work ranked 100 of the best companies in the United States that are currently on the Fortune 500 list.

Organizations were ranked based on employee survey responses, company policy information, and organizational data such as demographics and workforce size.

Ninth on the list is Houston-based company David Weekley Homes, the nation’s largest builder of single-family homes, and they currently have job openings.

The construction company is in the top 10 because 96% of its employees say they are happy to work there, compared to the national average of 57%. 1,748 people currently work there, according to their LinkedIn.

There are 19 David Weekley Homes offices across America, including four major cities in Texas. Each offers a range of different career paths listed on their website.

You can find positions in just about every aspect of home building, whether you want to help with the practical aspects of design or construction, help new buyers find a freshly built DWH home, or help behind the scenes of office administration.

They also offer internships for students and recent graduates.

Currently, Houston Home Office is hiring for several positions like an Executive Assistant position that offers awesome benefits, a college degree is not required, and you can experience some of the best work cultures in the United States.

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