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YOKOSUKA, Japan — Every job involving electronics will require people who know how to maintain and repair that equipment, and the military is no exception. Navy Electronics Technicians (ETs) are specialists in the repair and maintenance of Navy electronics and are an essential part of any staff or ship.

Electronics Technician 2nd Class Matthew Duggan, of Sutton, joined the Navy in May 2016 to gain military experience for future employment. Duggan said he didn’t originally want to be an alien, but decided to do so to expand his skills.

“A skill is a skill,” he said, “and I think it worked because even though I don’t like electronics, I really like the way being an alien makes me think – being able to solve things and look at things from another point of view.”

According to Duggan, working at CSG 7 has helped him grow by broadening his views and thinking more about challenges.

“I had a lot of administrative challenges,” Duggan said. “It’s a different perspective. Instead of being a workaholic, I now have to work administratively, think critically and take on more leadership roles, which is good.

Besides the experience he gained on the job, Duggan said he really enjoys being in Japan.

“I love the country,” he said. “The food is fantastic and every time we go out my wife and I have a blast, even though it’s somewhere we’ve been before. I think the country is interesting and peaceful.

After finishing his tour at CSG 7, Duggan said he plans to join the Naval Reserve and return home, using his military experience to help him find a good job.

Submarine Group 7 is responsible for coordinating a diverse fleet of submarines, surface ships, and aircraft deployed in the Western Pacific and the Middle East; two forward-deployed submarine tenders and five Guam-based attack submarines; Submarine Squadron 21 in Bahrain; five ocean surveillance vessels when tasked with theater anti-submarine warfare operations and two oceanographic survey vessels. Under CSG 7 are two task forces: CTF 74 and CTF 54, which provide theater anti-submarine warfare support from the Red Sea to the International Dateline.

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