Sneak Energy reveals its deepest secrets in a new flavor

Sneak Energy is on a roll and continues to push things forward with a new flavor and shaker to match the season. Deep Secret is the latest limited launch, with a mysterious flavor you’ll have to try and discover. The shaker and tub also glow in the dark which is absolutely brilliant. Check out the information below and get it while you still can!

Get the limited Deep Secret drop via this link!

Our new limited flavor found under the western Pacific Ocean, apparently. Deep Secret has now fully surfaced and is ready to take over your senses. Experience an unparalleled flavor combination – a sweet and tangy twist of mysterious fruit flavor in a luminous green that comes in our first-ever glow-in-the-dark jar. Pair it with our limited-edition glow-in-the-dark shaker to stay within reach.

It’s time to surrender to the depths. And that’s not all: order between October 21 and 31 via any email, and you will automatically be entered into a draw to collect your order total.

Deep Secret costs $40, with the Deep Secret Glow Shaker $9.99.

you can pick up stealth energyyour Blue Raspberry Jarsand if you want to try it, your starter kitshere.

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