Sewer system upgrade approved

Some residents of the town of McMinnville will be emptied by a $ 1.1 million sewer system upgrade.

McMinnville Mayor’s Council and Councilors unanimously approved a $ 1.1 million offer from Portland Utilities Construction Company LLC.

Funding for part of the underground effort will be a 2020 CDBG grant for the rehabilitation of the sewer system totaling $ 630,000.

The offer was first reviewed by the city’s water and sewage committee before being sent for final approval by the board of directors.

“Six bidders were successful, but only one bid was received,” said Zeta Hillis, representing James C. Hailey & Company. “Their offer was even $ 1,189,135. It was a little more than we expected, but Nathaniel (Green, engineer at James C. Hailey & Company) has already spoken to the contractor and he is ready to work with us, if we go and see. some things we can do to save money.

The bursting and the total replacement of the pipes are included in the project.

“The total replacement is approximately 6,000 feet of sewer line,” Hillis said. “It will be in Sunnyside Heights, Pepper Branch, Old Morrison Road, behind Papa Johns and Lagoon Drive where we tested and there were quite a few failures there.”

The total CDBG grant is $ 630,000, with matching $ 80,000 from the McMinnville Water Department. Since the project is over budget, the ministry must also contribute the additional funds unless cost savings can be discovered as the sewer project progresses.

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