Sanatana Scout Drill Reveals Continuous Gold Structure, North Well Prospect, Gold Rush Project, Timmins Ontario


Highlights: Anomalous gold found in a shear-hosted quartz vein. From 1 m to 5 m of gold> 0.5 gt in all seven holes drilled except one to test this structure. Best dosages include 6.35 gt over 0.75 m at surface, 2.45 gt 55-56 m in NS-21-04 and 2.08 gt 54-55 m in NS-21-05. First persistent mineralization ever discovered on the property. The drilling showed a depth of 150 m by 100 m, open in all directions. …

Strong points:

  • Anomalous gold found in a quartz vein hosted by shear.
  • Coherent 1m to 5m of> 0.5 g / t gold in all but one of the seven holes drilled to test this structure.
  • Best dosages include 6.35 g / t over 0.75 m at surface, 2.45 g / t 55-56 m in NS-21-04 and 2.08 g / t 54-55 m in NS-21- 05.
  • First persistent mineralization ever discovered on the property.
  • The drilling showed a depth of 150 m by 100 m, open in all directions.
  • Mineralization shows an association of Ag, Bi, Mo, Te and W type elements, “Kirkland Lake”.

Sanatana Resources Inc. (TSXV: STA) (“Sanatana” or the “Company”) has completed its first reconnaissance drilling program on the Gold Rush project, located 25 km west of Timmins. A total of 23 NQ diameter holes (3,113 m) were completed on seven separate prospects. All holes intersected quartz veins, weathering and sulphides. There are numerous gold showings hosted in quartz veins on the property and this exploration program has been designed as an initial test in the several most accessible prospects to help prioritize and focus future exploration on the project. The Company publishes results by prospect as the results become available. Perspectives that return the most interesting results will be prioritized for further work.

At the North Shaft Prospect, the company drilled seven NQ diameter holes drilled in a series of three fences 50 m apart. Previous surface channel sampling revealed an NW-SE structure harboring gold. Drilling targeted this structure with one hole drilled at 45 degrees dip and a second hole drilled from the same configuration at between 60 and 70 degrees dip designed to intersect the structure at a greater depth. The middle fence received a third hole which receded and tested the structure to an even greater depth. In addition, two small portable boreholes for men of diameter AQ were made. This prospect received the most attention as drilling revealed a shear zone with quartz veins with albite and ankerite and sulphides, all visual good signs of mineralization.

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Figure 1. Plan view of the North Shaft project

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The upper right inset shows the location on the property, and the lower left inset shows representative cross sections. Drill holes with traces, arrows indicate the location of quartz veins with grades> 0.5 g / t Au

The assay results from all holes returned a high gold grade from the quartz vein, results greater than 0.5 g / t Au are listed in Table 1 while the location of the drill holes and their orientation are shown in Table 2. The results defined a 1m to 5m wide vein that strikes over 150m from the surface at 100m depth. It hits from NW (310 degrees) to SE (130 degrees). It is open in all directions and shows that the mineralized zone slopes NE at about 60 degrees

Table 1 – Drill results greater than 0.5 g / t

Borehole Core size Of TO Interval Au (Or)
NS-2021-01 NQ No significant result

NS-2021-02 NQ 53m 54m 1m 0.67 g / ton

73m 74m 1m 0.74 g / t
NS-2021-03 NQ 48m 50m 2m 0.64 g / t
NS-2021-04 NQ 64m 68m 4m 1.49 g / ton
NS-2021-05 NQ 54m 55m 1m 2.08 g / ton

57m 60m 3m 1.02 g / t
NS-2021-06 NQ 64m 65m 1m 0.96 g / t
NS-2021-07 NQ 108m 113m 5m 0.79 g / t
GR-21-01 QA 52m 53m 1m 0.93 g / t
GR-21-02 QA 59.85 m 60.85 1m 1.08 g / t

Table 2: Location of drill holes and their orientation.


To the East




DT (m)
NS21-01 448702 5369995 215 45 123
NS21-02 448702 5369995 215 65 144
NS21-03 448661 5370023 215 45 119
NS21-04 448661 5370023 215 70 120
NS21-05 448743 5369966 215 45 120
NS21-06 448743 5369966 215 75 103
NS21-07 448720 5370020 215 45 165


Borehole To the East North Landing Soak DT (m)
GR21-01 448640 369963 85 45 101
GR21-02 448765 5369882 35 45 80


The core was cut in half by a diamond saw in Timmins at 1 m intervals. The samples were then shipped by bonded freight to TSL Laboratories in Saskatoon (“TSL”) in small lots with appropriate chain of custody controls in place. Upon receipt, TSL sample preparation includes grinding, riffling, and pulverizing each core to generate reject (70% at -10 mesh) and 250 gram pulp (95% at -150 mesh) . A 30 gram aliquot of each pulp undergoes Au / AA fire assay and another 0.25 gram aliquot undergoes ICP multi-element analysis using multi-acid digestion. Gold results exceeding the limits are re-analyzed using a fire assay / gravimetric finish. TSL is committed to adhering to internal QA / QC protocols that include the insertion of replicates, certified and internal standards at regular intervals to provide quality analyzes. TSL Laboratories are independent of Sanatana.

Sanatana also implements quality assurance and quality control (QA / QC) protocols on all 20 samples which include inserting blanks and standards, and requesting duplicate pulp to the laboratory. The Company records, samples and stores drill core at a secure facility in Timmins. Sample shipments are tracked using a chain-of-custody protocol that ensures no samples are lost or tampered with in transit.

Multi-element ICP analyzes showed that gold is associated with silver, with an average ratio of 5: 1 Ag to Au. The elements bismuth, molybdenum, tellurium and tungsten are also correlated with gold, as well as a high sulfur content> 0.5%.

Drilling focused on the eastern structure of the North Shaft prospect exposed by the Company’s earlier stripping campaign. The Company plans to return to the prospect with the AQ size portable lightweight platform and (a) investigate the lateral extension of this vein, often the grade may improve along the structure and at depth; and (b) test by drilling the western trend still to be tested present on the prospect as confirmed by surface channel sampling

The technical information contained in this press release has been prepared under the supervision of Kevin Kivi P.Geo. Mr. Kivi is a Qualified Person for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101 – Disclosure Standards for Mining Projects and has reviewed and approved the technical information disclosed in this press release.

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