Russian Climbing World Cup postponed as IFSC hands out more suspensions

Russia lost its scheduled stop in Moscow on the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) World Cup tour following its war with Ukraine. The IFSC rescheduled the shutdown in Italy and issued several suspensions.

Reacting quickly to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, the IFSC canceled all of its events in the country for 2022. The organization has emerged from recent General Assembly meetings in Salt Lake City, with rescheduling plans and suspensions from the roll.

The 2022 Boulder World Cup, originally scheduled in Moscow from April 1-3, will now take place June 10-12 in Brixen, Italy. The IFSC also decided to suspend Russia and Belarus as member federations until further notice and to suspend its own ethics commission for overstepping its authority.

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Moscow World Cup stages postponed

The IFSC Boulder World Cup will be the first IFSC event in Italy since the 2019 World Junior Championships in Arco.

IFSC President Marco Scolaris thanked Italy’s Federazione Arrampicata Sportiva Italiana (FASI) for taking swift action to make the adjustment.

“We are very happy to have been able to find a replacement host for the Boulder World Cup event. I am confident that this event will be a great success and I would like to thank our National Federation in Italy for stepping in in the short term,” Scolaris said. said in a press release.

FASI Vice-President Ernesto Scarperi echoed Scolaris’ gratitude to the local organizers and expressed his confidence that “the state-of-the-art climbing center in Brixen and the international experience gained over the past few years” facilitate dignified competition.

IFSC suspends Russia, Belarus, ethics commission

However, not all the news that came out of the IFSC earlier this week was so glowing.

IFSC Members at Salt Lake City Meetings suspended Russia and Belarus because of the actions of their nations towards Ukraine. The organization has asked its board of directors to keep the situation under constant review and readmit the two countries when and if circumstances permit.

In addition, it suspended its internal ethics commission due to a dispute started by the president of ethics, Marc Le Menestrel.

The IFSC only made details of the dispute available in broad strokes. In a reporthe said members had accused the ethics commission of “exceeding its remit and interfering in the governance and normal course of affairs of the Federation”.

In the end, she found that the Commission communicated “false and unfounded” information directly to the national federations. Following this decision, he suspended all current members of the Commission and the Commission itself. He plans to restructure the Commission with new “rules and composition”. Based on independent experts and its internal review, it intends to appoint a new committee as soon as possible.

The 2022 IFSC Climbing World Cup tour kicks off with a bouldering competition in Meiringen, Switzerland from April 8-10.

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