Reflections for the week of Aug 30-Sep. 3


Communautary development:

• Goodwill has been approved for a building permit for their construction. It will be in the Alliance Plaza west of Family Dollar / Dollar Tree.

• The services of 15 mobile homes in Meadows are being plumbed.

• No planning committee meeting in September.

• No meeting of the Adjustment Council took place in August.

• 548 roofing permits have been issued since the 7/9 hailstorm.


• Anyone interested in a part-time police officer position can contact the Human Resources Department.

• Held a “Best Practices” meeting with the FBI regarding terrorism, airport security and explosives.

• No burglary last week.

• We had 5 minor accidents with property damage last week, drivers are urged to be careful while driving, especially with back to school. Please report intersections with obstructed sight lines to the Street Department or Code Enforcement.

• Two officers completed instructor training in Colorado for ICAT on new ways to deal with “use of force”. The entire department will be trained in the coming weeks and it will be offered to external agencies.


• The Sallows Museum opens in winter (11:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday to Saturday). The museum will be open on Labor Day.

• The Knight Museum will be closed Sunday and Monday for cleaning, painting and carpet maintenance.

• Staff are updating historical theme files for easier use by clients.

• Cataloging several important new collections and upgrading our photo collection to the new gallery screens.


• Preparations for the fall with application of herbicide, pruning and mowing of trees.

• Installation of irrigation timers in several areas requiring personnel to operate them by hand.

• Completion of irrigation repairs to Central, Laing and Sudman parks and the museum.


• Staff cleared trees and other debris from the course after Wednesday night’s storm. No significant damage because the hail was low. The course received just over 2 inches of rain very quickly from this storm.

• Revenues continue to increase and are once again significantly higher than revenues for August 2020. The game continues to be stable.


• The renovation of the bookstore continues.

• To make room for new products, we distribute books and DVDs in the east entrance of the building.

• The library plans to expand its awareness programs through a bookmobile service. Logistics is still being worked out. We aim to have this program operational before October 1st. More information to follow.

• Fall educational programs have been put in place, and there are plenty of options for all ages!

• A joint program will take place on September 14 with KAB for recycled crafts for children.

• We are currently running a “School Days” Reading Contest for K-12 grades in which they are eligible to win a set of Stencils and Starbucks Gift Cards! This ends on September 30.

RSVP and nutrition site:

• The program continues to accept applications for the position of cook.

• Attendance continues to be good, both during meals and after activities at the Seniors Center.


• Attended the Nebraska Economic Developers Association (NEDA) annual conference in Sidney last week. The conference was held in small groups and Chelsie Herian was elected secretary of the NEDA board.

• Chelsie Herian celebrated her 11th birthday as Executive Director of BBDC on August 26th.

• Participation in FLIP IT! Workshop in McCook this Tuesday – great information and new ideas, hope to share soon.

• Work on the recertification of the Hemingford Leadership certified community.

• Meeting with some entrepreneurs this week.


• We had a contractor work in the Broadwater substation this week, replacing some gaskets and performing maintenance on the transformer.

• We had two staff follow up three days this week at the rubber glove helpline school in Sydney.

• Our contractor completed the reconstruction of the three-phase line on CR 63 this week.

• We continue to maintain the rural and urban electricity grid.

Public works:

• Cleaning of fires at the landfill is in progress.

• Month-end report sent to DENR (August was the month with the highest water consumption in several years with 105,490,000 gallons of water produced).

• Big Horn paving project completed.

• PW building in the process of installing overhead doors.

• Third Street surfacing project underway with minor concrete repairs. Spring overlay projects underway for small concrete repairs.

• Lifting station A in the process of backfilling the excavation of the wet well.

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