Real Estate and Construction News Roundup (02/11/22) – Flexible Workspaces, Sustainable Infrastructure and Building Technology | Pillsbury – Gravel2Gavel Construction and real estate law

This week’s roundup looks at the digital transformation in the construction industry, the renewed interest in flexible workspaces and how the infrastructure sector can become more resilient and sustainable, both on both economically and environmentally.

  • Digital transformation in the construction industry is a priority for many companies, but most are still in the early and middle stages of implementing new digital capabilities. (Ursula Cullen, CBP today)
  • Companies could mitigate climate hazards and build resilience across the life cycle of their infrastructure and capital projects by facilitating a holistic approach to understanding risk. (Brodie Boland and Daphne Luchtenberg, McKinsey & Company)
  • The use of drones in project planning, along with the incorporation of other technologies, is proposed as an alternative solution to address the labor shortage in the construction industry. (Shaun Passley, For construction professionals)
  • Although the concept of the Metaverse is quickly catching up with people familiar with blockchain technology and virtual reality, Indian property developers still believe that it is at a nascent stage when it comes to its future in the country. (Harsh Kumar, Perspectives India)
  • The New York Attorney General is advocating that deed theft be made an explicit crime in the state’s criminal code. (The real deal)
  • Demand for flexible workspaces is on the rise in Chicago, showing renewed interest in coworking, service and hybrid office spaces. (Katharine Carlon, bisnow)

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