Press release on the live broadcast of the 2022 World Games

The 2022 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, USA have ended successfully. The International Floorball Federation (IFF) was very happy to be part of this 11th edition. The IFF was very pleased to be one of eight sports (out of 35) that decided to hire a production team to be able to show all the games live to the global sports community.

IFF has hired an experienced sports production team (Soundque) who often produces for ESPN. Unfortunately, there were several issues with the infrastructure throughout the event. For the first day, internet connections were only opened (by the local organiser) just before the start of the first match; leaving no opportunity or time to install and test all Soundque software for better match experience like replays, scoreboard. Also, on the very first day, there was a bigger internet blackout in all of North America. This concluded that the level of internet provided by the Birmingham Organizing Committee (BOC) was unstable and fragile, causing the production team to deliver the stream in a much lower resolution than expected and expected. This continued throughout the event.

Additionally, technicians at Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex, Swiss Timing and the TV production team were unable to link Swiss Timing (with clock, scoreboard, match graphics) to the IFF workflow. Finally, IFF had no influence on the lighting system of the East exhibition hall during the floorball event.

All of these and other events added up to a stream quality that was not what we consider the standard quality of our IFF stream. For this, we apologize. It was also a learning curve for our organization than outside of our IFF-owned events – we need to check many more points to ensure the required quality standards.

Additionally, the two semi-finals, bronze and gold medal games were produced by the ISB for the International World Games Association (IWGA). The ISB/IWGA was the rights holder for these four games, and they decide which countries can see the live stream. Some countries have been geo-blocked due to their agreements with national broadcasters.

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