PFI and SDPI ban election gimmick: MP Prajwal Revanna IG News

The Udayavani team, October 2, 2022, 4:37 PM IST

Hassan: MP Prajwal Revanna said that PFI and SDPI were banned for election gimmicks and the ban should be done by RSS and Bajrang Dal together.

Speaking to the media during a visit to Javenahalli Mutt in the city, PFI and SDPI are not the same banned organizations in the country, RSS and Bajrang Dal are not one but several organisations. Banish everything together. Banning one or two organizations and not banning the other two has created more confusion in society and you are setting the government on fire, he said.

Call a multi-party meeting: Are they silent when you only disallow PFI and SDPI? The rest of the organization also bet on the ban. Governments should take an urgent decision in this regard. Otherwise, call a multi-party meeting. Let us, all the juniors, discuss the problem under the guidance of all the seniors. What’s wrong with PFI and SDPI? MPs and Ministers make statements that there is turnism activity going on. What is the documentation you say? Don’t put a witness in front of people, then ban someone and say no.

Respond to people: He said whether to ban RSS, Bajrang Dal or PFI and SDPI tomorrow depends on the government’s personal decision. The public asks why PFI and SDPI were banned. He blamed them for recording them and answering them first.

If I do wrong, I must be punished. What kind of justice does he get if he is punished without doing anything wrong. One hundred percent is not a hasty decision. He complained that because the elections are near, the politicians have taken such a step. Electoral trick: PFI and SDPI were not born yesterday. If he had been there for several years, the government could have done so within three years of taking office. It didn’t take that long. All these elections are gimmicks, he said.

All this is not eternal. If we do all this, we will bring division into society. There is already a lot of division in society. He said we must unite society and work together to develop the country and the state.

I am not big enough to verify other decisions and advise the center and the state government. Let the respective chief ministers write a petition and appeal to the central government about it. He said that the discussion will take place when I am also present at the sessions. The hon. documents are required. The Minister of the Interior must also provide documents. Please don’t divide the nation or divide the state for the sake of elections. People live with confidence, I call on both the central government and the state government not to hide the society by dressing up as this. Meanwhile, JDS taluk President S. Dave Gowda, leaders Girish Channarappa, Mahesh and others were present.

The government of the Commission is not my fault: Neither I nor Kumaranna nor Revanna said 40% government. When the CM called the meeting, the contractors association said 40% of the government was statewide. I did not say. Opposition leader Siddaramanna said nothing. Now it is known that 40 percent of the entire rural level is the government. Such allegations should be blamed on the government by paid officials. No, he seriously complained that the government should receive money and accuse officials. He said if the officers were right, the government should keep them under control.

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