Parking contractor’s plea against merchants dismissed by HC | Delhi News

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has dismissed a plea by a parking contractor in Dwarka, seeking action against a local trades association for allegedly obstructing his work.
Judge Manoj Kumar Ohri said a written petition cannot be used to enforce the private rights of the contractor vis-à-vis his grievances against the association.
The contractor claimed that after winning the tender to operate a car park in Dwarka, the company sought to install parking signs/banners.
However, some local market traders refused to pay the parking fees, which prevented the petitioner from managing the parking lot.
According to the plea, the local police did not take the necessary measures.
Lawyer Tushar Sannu, permanent counsel for SDMC, questioned how the plea could stand when the contractor had admitted that possession of the parking lot had been given to him by the company. SDMC argued that if merchants interfere with the operations of the site, the contractor has other remedies.
The HC declined to consider further the plea, in which the contractor urged the court to order the authorities, including the police and the company, to take appropriate action against the association and its members, customers, politicians premises, etc., and to prevent them from interfering with/creating any hindrance to the functioning of the authorized parking area.
The plea also wanted the court to order SDMC not to charge any monthly license fees until the authorized parking site becomes fully functional.

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