Our garden fence has been broken for months – my kids can’t play outside and the housing association has STILL not fixed it

A mum-of-four has revealed her children can’t play outside after her garden fence was damaged for months – with the housing association yet to fix it.

Ellesse Walters, 31, says damage to the fence has left fingernails exposed, with strangers even able to walk through her yard – meaning she’s too scared to let her children play outside.


Ellesse, 31, says the damage prevented her children from enjoying their garden and playing outsideCredit: BPM

Ms Walters, who is currently unemployed, says she reported the problem to the PA Housing Association but still hasn’t repaired the damage.

Ellesse said of the situation: “It’s just emotionally destructive when you’re trying to deal with it, and that’s also for the kids. You have to be so careful when they go out in the garden, and if they get escape, the front of the house is like a parking lot.

“I’m upset for the kids, they should be allowed to be kids and come out and play safely in the garden. I worked with PA Housing to come and fix it but just got ignored.”

PA Housing issued an apology and pledged to repair the damage.

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With her four children, she has lived in a small two-bedroom property for more than 11 years.

She has one bedroom, while her 11-year-old son, six-year-old twins and four-year-old daughter all have to squeeze into the other.

Earlier this year, storms caused severe damage to the garden fence, leaving dangerous exposed nails and broken panels.

At one point, one of his children even climbed out over the destroyed fence onto the busy road next to the property.

Ellesse also says this is not the first problem she has had with the housing association, as overgrown trees cover the back of the garden and cause branches to fall.

Although reported about a year ago, the trees have still not been cut, along with delays in repairs to a leaking toilet in the kitchen.

Even when the toilet was fixed, the floor had to be ripped up to do so, leaving Ellesse’s house in a mess.

A spokesperson for PA Housing said: “We apologize for the ongoing issue with the fence in our resident’s garden – she shouldn’t have waited so long for it to be fixed. We are taking this matter very seriously. seriously and we will be in touch shortly with a date and time from our local contractor to resolve this issue.”

However, he insisted that the blame was not entirely on the AP, adding “Since moving into her home, our resident’s family has grown. So while she doesn’t not originally living in overcrowded conditions, she is now. We know that she is actively looking to relocate, and we are doing everything we can to support her in this process.”

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Ellesse remains skeptical, stating “I also tried to explain this to PA Housing, but they don’t seem bothered”.

“I was told I couldn’t move because of my lease. I just want to be able to move for my family.”

The damage has left nails exposed and access to the busy road is open


The damage has left nails exposed and access to the busy road is openCredit: BPM
PA Housing apologized for not fixing the damage for so long


PA Housing apologized for not fixing the damage for so longCredit: BPM

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