One month later, Roanoke schools open, but understaffing, infections are challenges | Education


Staff morale is dropping, White said.

One of the reasons, among others, is that teachers want to be close to students but cannot. “Having our separate offices, having our distances from them, I think, is a little more stressful and especially when there are exhibitions in the classrooms or positive cases in the classrooms, it arouses more fear and We recognize that teachers can feel a lot of that, ”White said.

The labor shortage is a simultaneous challenge.

By midweek, the Roanoke District employed 1,080 teachers, coaches and specialists and needed 47 more, spokeswoman Claire Mitzel said. Nine of the vacancies are newly created positions that did not exist before, she said.

To spark interest in working for the school system, salaries and incentives were increased. For example, schools in the city have increased the starting salary for teaching assistants to $ 13.44 for those with zero to three years of college and to $ 14.40 for those with four or more years of college. university, Mitzel said.

By midweek, transport contractor Durham School Services employed 121 drivers and 60 helpers and needed 52 drivers and eight additional helpers. The district offers a hiring bonus of $ 2,500 for new drivers. Any current driver or helper who refers a successful candidate with a commercial driver’s license to a bus driver position will receive $ 1,000.

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