Nino General Contractor takes on luxury housing and commercial projects in New York

Nino GC manages commercial, residential and industrial projects with the City of New York, ranging from constructions to renovations.

Founded in 2005, Nino GC Inc. is a family owned and operated business in New York City. The organization operates as a NYC general contractor and is fully licensed. Nino GC has permission to undertake projects of all sizes on city premises.

Dani Kaja, is the 26-year-old CEO of Nino GC. For the past 4 years he has been involved in the development of four million dollar homes in the Brooklyn area.

Kaja elaborates on Nino GC’s new approach, saying, “We strive to bring a modern mindset and touch to the industry. At Nino GC, we achieve these goals by working side-by-side with architects, designers and other qualified specialists in our sector. Our goal is to bring luxury and style to the heart of New York.

Nino GC manages construction for a variety of sectors including residential, commercial and industrial. The company deals with interior and exterior fittings and renovations. With residential projects, the company specializes in luxury homes.

The Nino GC company was authorized to manage the construction tasks from start to finish. They can also undertake projects from any section of a house or building. This includes dedicated projects such as kitchens and bathrooms. The organization also has a history of demolitions.

Nino GC has a diverse team of specialists. They primarily employ plumbers, HVAC workers, electricians, and construction workers. The organization also has contracts with workers to tackle all elements of a building’s construction from start to finish.

The company guarantees that all people who employ them are fully authorized. Workers are also fully insured, in accordance with local laws. Many of the workers have been employed in the industry for many years and are able to produce work that meets city and client standards.

As an approved contracting company, Nino GC is required to take out workers’ compensation insurance. This ensures that in the event of an accident on site, the customer is not responsible for any costs.

Much of the work undertaken by the Nico GC Company involves the physical construction or renovation of houses and residential buildings. The company collaborates with a number of other professionals. These include, but are not limited to, architects, designers, and engineers.

Nico GC’s goal is to bring planned 2D sketches to fruition using high quality resources and highly trained professionals. The result is a more consistent end to projects.

One of the cornerstones of Nico GC’s business model is the customer guarantee. At the start of any project, the company creates a plan, schedule and budget based on extensive research and calculations. This allows the organization to provide fixed schedules to its customers while allowing them to meet their deadlines.

Present for nearly two decades, Nico GC has built up a network of suppliers who provide it with quality resources at fixed prices. In turn, the organization is able to offer fixed prices to its budget, allowing it to create a budget that it can stick to.

Nino GC has experience building and remodeling homes and buildings throughout New York City. This allowed them to work with a wide variety of aesthetics. From classic to modern, they are able to replicate custom styles in accordance with project guidelines.

The company focuses on luxury homes. They specialize in using designs created by top architects and designers to create bespoke homes. The Nino GC continues to work with and receive advice and recommendations from these specialists until the project is complete.

The continuous collaboration of designers, architects and construction workers allows for a smooth and efficient process. This improves the respect of deadlines as well as an almost perfect reproduction of the wishes of the customers.

The work carried out by the Nino GC company is monitored from start to finish. The company maintains a portfolio that its potential clients can consult. The organization also documents their work processes, allowing current and future customers to better understand how the business operates. Potential clients are also able to determine the quality of work in advance.

Nino GC focuses on the demands of today’s home and business owners, while taking into account the barriers these people face. This includes adapting to the new normal created by the coronavirus pandemic while producing structures with modern and sophisticated aesthetics.

About Nino GC Inc.

Nino GC is a general construction company operating in New York. They deal with the construction and renovation of residential, commercial and industrial spaces. To learn more about the organization, find them on Instagram.

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