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RUPERT – In Minidoka County, voters will decide on several contested races, including council seats for Heyburn and Rupert, a Heyburn mayor race, a school commissioner race and two West End Fire Protection fire marshal seats District.

Heyburn City Council, two four-year seats

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson, 35-year-old full member works for the United States Postal Service as a rural carrier. He also works in facilities management and has coached young athletes for 15 years. He has served on the board for five years.

Anderson said he believes serving is “stewardship, the work of God.”

“I work for people who have no voice. I speak on behalf of those who are too scared or unwilling to speak out, ”Anderson said. “I really want to be a part of the advancement of the city.”

Rick tundag

Rick tundag

Rick Tundag, 45, was appointed to the board in December to fill a vacant position. He is the Director of Environmental and Health Safety for Packaging Specialties. He graduated from Minico High School and attended the College of Southern Idaho and Boise State University.

“I believe in Heyburn. I believe this is a great place to live and I want to be a part of the growth and the good things that are happening here, ”Tundag said.

Tundag would like to be a part of planning for growth so that the city is in a good position for future generations.

He has held leadership positions at his work and at his church and as a youth sports coach for over 15 years.

Dan Davidson

Dan Davidson

Dan Davidson, 52 years old, is the director of the irrigation district of Minidoka. He holds a bachelor’s degree in management science and an associate’s degree in accounting.

“I run because I want to give back to the community I’m in,” Davidson said.

Davidson’s previous political experience includes being president of the Idaho Water Users Association and having held leadership positions on various water boards and committees over the years.

Mayor of Heyburn, four-year seat

Dick galbraith

Dick galbraith

Dick Galbraith, 67, the incumbent, is a building contractor and served on city council for seven years before being appointed mayor.

Marc Rosa

Marc Rosa

He is arrested by the recalled former mayor Marc Rosa, 61, who is an entrepreneur and entrepreneur. He was recalled from the mayor’s office by election last fall.

Rupert City Council, two four-year seats

Tammy jones

Tammy jones

Full candidate Tammy jones, 60, is a legal assistant at the law firm Goodman. She graduated from Minico High School and Links Business College.

“I’m running for city council again because I enjoyed it,” Jones said. “I think we have a good council and a good city administrator and there are a lot of things going on that I would love to be a part of. I want to help make our city great.

Jones served on city council for nine years and held leadership positions in his church.

Joel Heward

Joel Heward

Full candidate Joël Heward, 44 years old, is a funeral director with an applied science degree and a mortuary science degree.

“I run because I just love helping and being a part of things,” Heward said. “I like to do my part and serve my community. “

Heward has served on city council for over four years and takes a leadership role in his work.

Randy Thompson

Randy Thompson

Randy Thompson, 57 years old, retired as Rupert’s sanitation superintendent after holding this position for 14 years. He worked for the city for 35 years.

“I would love to continue serving my city,” said Thompson. “I like the direction he is taking and I would like him to keep moving forward.”

Thompson has served in leadership roles throughout his career and helping the adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of America. He also helped Idaho firefighters train firefighters. He graduated from Minico High School and served in the Army National Guard.

Minidoka County School District Administration Board, Zone 4, a four-year seat

Full candidate Marie Andersen, 64, is retired and worked as a recreation director for the town of Rupert. She also worked for 12 years as the maintenance secretary of the Minidoka County School District. She is a licensed cosmetologist and attended college for a year and a half.

“I run because I care about our children’s education,” said Andersen, who was born and raised in Mini-Cassia. She has children and grandchildren in the school district and cares about all the employees in the district and the direction the district takes.

Candidate Fall Clark, 39, is secretary of the Bureau of Reclamation, attended court transcription school, and studied musical performance at Idaho State University. She is a certified 911 operator in Montana.

She has held leadership positions during her career.

“I have a few kids at Rupert Elementary School and I’ve seen things politically that I don’t agree with,” Clark said. “I want to do what I can so that it doesn’t affect our children. When politics start to affect our children, it is not a good thing.

Clark said she believed Critical Race Theory was racist and was an ideology that should not be taught in schools and that she did not agree with the fact that schools impose compulsory vaccines on students.

West End Fire Protection District, Sub-District 2, one seat for four years

Mike mccall

Mike mccall

Full candidate Michael McCall, 75 years old, is self-employed and semi-retired as a farmer and owner of a trucking company. A graduate of Minico High School, he attended university for a year and a half.

He served on the West End Fire Protection District Board of Directors for 32 years, served on the Paul Cemetery District Board of Directors and the Association of State Fire Marshals of the Idaho for over 20 years.

“I’ve always enjoyed doing this job and feel like I’ve done a good job over the years,” McCall said of running for another term.

During his tenure on the board, the fire district was able to build a new fire station and the Paul Town Hall building without asking for a bond from taxpayers, he said. With careful budgeting, they were also able to expand the building about four years ago.

Greg Walton

Greg Walton

Greg Walton, 45, is the Director of Commercial Operations of Agri-Service and a graduate of Calvary Christian School.

Walton doesn’t have an agenda against the current seat holder, he said, but “sometimes change is good.”

“I’ll serve if people want me there. I am ready to help. It’s a great community, ”Walton said.

Walton has no previous political experience, but was a director of the Minidoka County Fair and a board member of the Minidoka County Agricultural Bureau. He said his experience in ordering and purchasing equipment could be of use to the district.

West End Fire Protection District, Sub-District 3, one seat for four years

Shane Oldham

Shane Oldham

Named holder Shane Oldham, 39, is a crane operator and graduated from Burley High School.

He was appointed to headquarters this spring and has served as a volunteer firefighter for West End Fire & Rescue.

“I still have a passion for firefighters,” Oldham said of the race for the seat. “With my current job, I can’t make any more calls, but it’s one way I can still help. “

Steve roberts

Steve roberts

Candidate Steve roberts, 51, is the safety manager at Amalgamated Sugar Co. in Paul. He holds a professional technical diploma in construction and has various certifications related to his work.

“I had planned to run when Tris Moore retired,” said Roberts.

The timing now looks right, he said, and is working with his schedule.

Roberts was a firefighter with West End Fire & Rescue for 24 years, was a patrol director for Pomerelle Ski Patrol, a groundskeeper at the Minidoka County Fairgrounds, worked as an emergency medical technician on an ambulance and assisted with West End Fire & Rescue training.

Undisputed races, which will not be on the ballot

Mayor of Acequia, 4-year term, incumbent Larry Wall

Acequia City Council, two four-year seats, incumbents Nina Stephenson and Efrain Ramirez

Paul City Council, two four-year seats, incumbents Brent Browning and Brent D. Stimpson.

Rupert’s city council, a two-year seat, named incumbent Kris Faux.

Zone 4 administrator of the Minidoka County School District, a four-year seat, Juan M. Perez.

The Minidoka County School District is holding an additional levy election in the amount of $ 2.25 million for each of the two years. There is no increase in costs compared to the previous levy.

The four-year mayor seat of the city of Minidoka is opened with a two-year council seat and a four-year council seat. No candidate was filed for any of the open offices.

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