Make it Muscat: Russell Construction

DAVENPORT, Iowa–With nearly 40 years in the construction industry, Russell Construction has experience working on projects of all sizes, from simple repairs to creating new buildings for all types of clients. With its headquarters located in Davenport and additional offices in Saint Louis and Kansas City, Russell has completed numerous projects in 33 states.

Although Russell works across the country, many of their projects take place close to home in the Quad Cities, including right here in Muscatine County, including with major local companies such as KENT Corporation. Currently, the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine has hired Russell to build the new medical clinic on Mulberry Avenue. Russell has also entered into talks with other potential clients at Muscatine and hopes to announce plans for additional projects soon.

In all the work they do, Russell strives to have the best possible people at work and to make sure they support those people so they can do their best. “It all depends on the people working on the projects,” said Erin Wyant, Director of Marketing and Client Relations. “Russell invests significantly in our employees to ensure they have a high quality of life.”

Russell also focuses on taking an adaptable approach to their projects, adapting to changing conditions and the needs of clients and workers to ensure projects are completed on time without sacrificing quality or high standards. . “Having this flexible adaptive personality bodes well for us over the years,” Vice President Matt Rebro said.

One of Russell’s concept drawings for the new medical clinic on Mulberry Avenue.

Whether working on a government building, commercial space, or healthcare facility, Russell takes pride in how their projects provide valuable resources to the communities in which they work. fun,” Wyant observed.

“We feel lucky to reach a little beyond our backyard to help grow a community’s economy,” Rebro said.

The long list of contractors and businesses Russel has worked with allows him to bring in as many local workers as possible, bringing them even closer to the communities they serve.

Since Russell has worked on many projects in Muscatine and has more underway or on the horizon, they decided to join the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry to provide additional support to a town and the surrounding region with which they have established positive relations. “With the proximity to the Quad Cities and our work with KENT Corporation and the hospital and other projects that we hope to start soon, we want to give back,” Rebro said.

Whatever your construction needs, from constructing a new building to renovating or preserving an existing one, Russell Construction has the know-how and the people to get the job done. If you would like to get in touch with them to discuss a potential project, Rebro encourages you to visit Russell’s website to view their previous projects and find their contact details so you can discuss ways to make your building dreams come true.

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