Grupo Aura combines luxury, technology and nature to provide residents with the comfort they need

They offer multiple real estate developments that adapt perfectly to your dreams and needs.

Grupo Aura is a company specializing in real estate, seeking to innovate and elevate the lifestyle of each of its clients. Above all, they want to enhance the white city, giving it added value with the first smart developments in the south-east of the republic.

This real estate holding, based in the state of Yucatan, Mexico, is currently the leader in the vertical real estate market with an unrivaled offer of luxury and avant-garde apartments for sale in the charming city of Mérida and along the most beautiful beaches. of the Yucatan Riviera. .

“We are committed to the environment and sustainability. All our developments are cared for down to the smallest detail, making investments with great added value and managing to increase the wealth of the families who trust our apartments,” said a company representative.

Wholesale amenities, luxury and an unrivaled standard of quality and comfort – this is how the Aura Group is growing with four high-end real estate complexes. These are Aura Smart Luxury Living, Aura Coast, Marena Beach Towers, Distrito 370. They offer high-end vertical developments where its residents encounter a unique lifestyle that contrasts with a truly unparalleled quality of life.

Grupo Aura, loyally committed to the environment around it, is meticulously responsible for creating sustainable options down to the smallest detail of its property complexes.

Building smart and sustainable real estate developments is the new way to approach a market that, as the need for comfortable housing increases, favors real estate project development strategies focused on sustainability and urban regeneration.

Their building complexes promise to provide eco-sustainable services. Gyms, swimming pools, a movie theatre, playgrounds and a beach club are among the amenities available.

The property developer provides integral solutions for design, construction, construction supervision, project management, technical audit and consultancy.

They offer the perfect integration of architectural design and engineering technology, thanks to their certified organization and methodology.

They have an alliance with the construction company, GRUPO TADCO, a company with more than 35 years of experience specializing in the execution of construction-related contracts, supervision and project management. TADCO GROUP.

Their construction supervision professionals are responsible for verifying and controlling the construction process, ensuring the success of each project.

The project management team is responsible for meeting delivery deadlines and ensuring that all work performed meets expected quality requirements. Their experts specialize in consulting and overall management of investment and innovation projects.

Grupo Aura offers an investment that guarantees unparalleled capital gains in the real estate market and the assets of the families who are part of our distinguished group of residents who have trusted what is today one of the most valuable real estate groups. most disruptive in Latin America. .

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About Grupo Aura

Grupo Aura is a real estate company based in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. It is currently the leader in the vertical real estate market with an unparalleled supply of luxury and avant-garde apartments for sale in the charming city of Mérida.

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