Gleeds is developing an emerging talent pool for newcomers to the construction industry

Gleeds, the real estate and construction consulting firm, has founded an emerging talent pool with the aim of bringing together junior staff members of construction consulting firms to collaborate, learn and network.

The group is the brainchild of Justin Moore, Project Director at Gleeds, who recognized the need to bring together more younger members of Gleeds’ own team to train these future leaders, as well as to collaborate with their peers. and those from other disciplines within the sector.

The group is aimed at anyone at the start of their career, for example apprentices or trainees, young graduates, assistant project managers, surveyors or those of a similar level.

Justin Moore said of the group:

“This industry is growing rapidly and here at Gleeds we felt that we needed to invest more in the younger members of our team to ensure they get all the career development opportunities we can offer them.

“The Covid restrictions have hampered the networking and learning opportunities typically available to newcomers to the industry and so we felt it was important to create a group where we can specifically give back to these new members of the team and allow them to learn from their peers, build confidence, gain new ideas or perspectives, as well as gain more knowledge at the same time.

Gleeds already has seven team members from its Cardiff office in the talent pool and is looking for others to join them at the various events and seminars to be held over the coming months.

Gleeds Project Manager Ryan Lester is President of the Emerging Talent Group (ETG) and helped set it up:

“Being part of the group is a real privilege because it shows Gleeds’ confidence in our abilities as future leaders. It also provides us with a platform to develop and improve relationships with our peers in the region, with the aim of targeting other future leaders in other disciplines. “

Graduated quantity surveyor Darcie Walbrook joined Gleeds during Covid and therefore really benefited from the networking and collaboration that ETG offers:

“Since the creation of the group, we have developed our internal relationships with each other, which will support us in building and maintaining our external relationships.

“I think ETG has boosted my self-confidence and created a good environment to develop and grow as a future leader at Gleeds. I look forward to the group’s progress and the making of links with other disciplines. Of the industry. “

Gleeds is also working with the University of South Wales and the University of the West of England to encourage the most talented graduates to join their ranks.

Justin explained:

“The skills shortage in the construction industry is well known and it is the same for us in construction consulting, which is why it is important to nurture the young team that we have here in Cardiff, and we hope to do the same for the rest. of the Gleeds Group to ensure that we attract the best of the best to our ranks.

“I am proud to say that at our Cardiff office, out of 33 staff members, seven are part of this emerging talent pool, which I think demonstrates how Gleeds is investing in attracting new talent to the industry and that we plan to do for many years to come.

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