Ghaziabad: Travelers from high-risk countries will be in home quarantine for a week

Following the World Health Organization (WHO) request for countries to extensively test the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus, saying its divergent design could fuel future outbreaks of the disease with serious consequences, the Ghaziabad’s health department has directed all foreigners reaching the district from 15 “high-risk countries” will be quarantined at home for a week, officials said on Monday.

Officials say the decision was taken as a precaution against any possible spread of the new variant. Teams from the health service and the district’s Integrated Covid Command and Control Center (ICCCC) will monitor these travelers during their home quarantine, they added.

“The list mainly includes South African nations among the 15 high-risk countries. When returning to or arriving in India, a traveler should have the RT-PCR report with them, and thereafter, the person should remain in home quarantine for a week. During this period, our teams will perform tests on the person and their family members. The traveler will be tested for Covid-19 again after a week, and further action will be taken accordingly. In case the person is positive for Covid-19, we will proceed with genome sequencing of the samples, ”said Dr Bhavtosh Shankhdhar, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Ghaziabad.

He also said the Department of Health has called on several Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) to take proactive steps to check for a possible spread of the new variant of Covid-19. “RWAs are requested to inform the health service if residents or people arrive in housing complexes from states with a high workload, and necessarily of the arrival of travelers from abroad. . In the meantime, we have also asked our teams to intensify the regular vaccination against Covid-19, and we will need another fifteen days to reach the target assigned to us for the first dose of vaccination, ”added Shankhdhar.

According to official records, 1,770 foreign travelers entered the district between November 1 and November 29 (Monday), and 979 of them tested negative for Covid-19 and test reports of the remaining people are expected .

“The addresses given did not match in 329 cases, and 128 of those tested were from other cities or districts. A total of 334 test reports are in progress. So far, none of the foreign travelers have tested positive for the virus. If they do, we will do the genome sequencing, ”said Dr Rakesh Gupta, Ghaziabad district surveillance manager.

The WHO warned Monday that the divergent design of the Omicron variant could fuel flare-ups with “serious consequences” in the future. In a technical briefing paper for its member states, the United Nations (UN) health agency said the likelihood of a potential spread of Omicron globally is high and the overall risk from the disease. new variant of concern was rated as “very high”.

To date, local transmission of Omicron has been reported in South Africa and it has now been detected in four WHO regions – Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe and Western Pacific.

District may miss first dose by vax deadline

As part of the target date of November 30 (Tuesday) set by the government of Uttar Pradesh for vaccination, Ghaziabad is at high risk of missing the vaccination target of the first dose of 2,702,167. According to official data , the district administered the first dose of vaccine to only 2,405,663 beneficiaries until 4:30 p.m. Monday. Thus, the district is failing to administer 296,504 doses of Covid-19 vaccine to beneficiaries, officials said.

“We will try to achieve the goal in a fortnight. We have already taken all necessary measures, including door-to-door surveys and holding vaccination camps in the evening. But there is a general tendency among beneficiaries not to show up because Covid-19 cases are almost negligible in the district, ”CMO Shankhdhar added.

Dr GP Mathuria, Nodal COVID-19 Vaccination Officer in the District, said: “Most of the beneficiaries who did not show up for the vaccine are elderly or over 18 years of age. We urge them to take the jab to protect themselves and others from Covid-19. “

Despite all efforts to meet the vax deadline, the Ghaziabad health service administered 130,706 doses of vaccine between November 22 and November 28 (Monday), at a daily average of 18,672 doses. During the previous week, the department administered 111,580 doses of vaccine, with a daily average of 15,940 doses per day.

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