Fuel Me Provides The Construction Industry With The Innovative Technologies Needed To Increase Efficiency After The Pandemic


Along with the trends of working from home, there has been a shift in focus from commercial construction to residential construction. According to US Assure, “single-family housing starts rose 11% in 2020 and are expected to rise a further 7% in 2021.” Likewise, the rise of online shopping has increased the need for warehouse buildings. Not only that, but the White House’s plans to make large investments in infrastructure projects will also develop and shape the industry.

Fuel Me is here to help logistics and construction companies improve their operational efficiency through its technology service solutions as the industry continues to recover and evolve:

Fuel delivery – Managing fuel at multiple sites is an increasingly difficult problem for businesses. Fuel Me’s national presence allows companies to manage multiple job sites and administer projects across the country through an easy-to-use technology platform. Fuel Me provides on-site fuel delivery services to construction sites around the clock and can schedule weekly deliveries and services for any equipment or machinery.

Real-time data – Companies are eager to know how much fuel is actually used on each job site and by each piece of equipment. Fuel Me allows businesses to track their fuel consumption down to the last drop. The Fuel Me mobile app communicates with each customer’s fuel tanks and assets, providing detailed data like average fuel consumption, most recent refueling, average fuel cost, and more. This data enables businesses to optimize fuel consumption and maximize efficiency better than ever.

Petrol tank – Construction sites often go through a lot of downtime while waiting for their fuel to be delivered to the job site. Fuel Me offers businesses the option of renting or purchasing portable fuel tanks that can be placed on-site. Businesses no longer have to wait and trucks no longer have to go to the nearest truck stop to refuel their equipment. Fuel Me receives real-time data on when the tank is nearly empty and will dispatch refueling services without the need for operational or administrative support.

Billing – With multiple job sites spanning different locations and states, tracking fuel bills is a long and inefficient process. Fuel Me can provide automated real-time billing and improve operational efficiency by having all information accessible on an easy-to-use dashboard.

There is no doubt that construction is on the rise after the pandemic. Companies that take advantage of new technologies will be best equipped to take on more work with greater efficiency, allowing them to stay ahead of emerging competition.

Fuel Me is the first tech company of its kind, using a cloud-based application to innovate in the energy distribution industry, helping industries like logistics and construction keep up with the digital transformations of the new normal.

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