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WFSB – Jack Hathaway from South Windsor has always dreamed of going to space.

“I had about three minutes when I first thought I wanted to go to space. I had maybe four minutes, ”Hathaway says.

He now has the chance to go to space.

He is now one of ten people selected for NASA’s 2021 Astronaut Candidate Class. He is part of the first new promotion in four years and has beaten more than 12,000 applicants.

He is currently in Virginia Beach, but his military career has taken him all over the world as a pilot.

Hathaway is a commander in the United States Navy and flew during Operation Enduring Freedom. It has also carried out exercises and events in the Western Pacific, North Atlantic and Mediterranean regions.

Hathaway will begin a two-year program in Texas before becoming an astronaut.

The training includes spacewalk, piloting airplanes, interacting with artificial intelligence and understanding the systems aboard the International Space Station.

“Obviously, you can’t just park on the side of the road and call a tow truck when you’re in orbit. So you have to have this stuff down. You have to know how to fix it, ”says Hathaway.

Hathaway says he is proud to represent his home country.

“How proud am I to represent my home state of Connecticut? I am super proud. Connecticut is a great state. I loved growing up there, ”Hathaway says.

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