Friendly “aliens” invite tourists to visit a seaside resort

NASA continues to explore deep space for signs of alien life, but it looks like it’s already there. Live among us.

Creatures with big eyes, oversized heads, and eerie bodies – which of course is exactly what aliens look like – have been spotted in Japan’s Oita Prefecture, an area famous for its hot springs about 500 miles south of the border. southwest of Tokyo.

The local government has even posted videos of alien sightings in the area, with visitors to space clearly making little effort to blend in.

Rather than a very early April Fool’s Day, this is in fact an attempt by local authorities to promote tourism in the region, The Mainichi reported.

The somewhat tenuous link between the aliens and Oita stems from a partnership deal with Virgin Orbit announcement last month, the city’s airport could be used as a site for the company’s space missions.

Virgin Orbit uses a converted Boeing 747 equipped with a rocket capable of carrying small satellites into low earth orbit, and has so far flown two successful missions using its system.

Using a conventional aircraft means the service can be launched and landed at just about any airport with a sufficiently long runway, with Oita hoping to see Virgin Orbit flights there starting as early as next year once additional infrastructure will have been put in place. Other locations vying for Virgin Orbit flights include Guam in the Western Pacific and Cornwall in the UK, while the company’s current base in Mojave, Calif., Also remains a launch option.

Believing that aliens are more of a draw than satellites, Oita officials recently launched his quirky campaign with the aim of increasing the number of tourists.

As part of this effort, any guest arriving at the hotel who proclaims to the front desk staff, “I am an alien from outer space,” will be rewarded with a bunch of goodies for them to enjoy during their stay. Prior to making the announcement, clients are strongly advised to confirm that this is a participating hotel or they can be gently escorted to another type of establishment for the duration of their visit. And maybe longer.

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