Formula 1 | Superlicense: Lundgaard is against a waiver for Herta

Christian Lundgaard hopes that the FIA ​​will not make a derogation for the Superlicence, but that at the same time, it will offer more points to IndyCar drivers, even if it means less favoring the single-seater scale of the leading international federation. to F1.

“I think the allocation of Superlicense points in IndyCar will increase” said Lundgaard. “The reason why, at the moment, it is less valued than F2 is that the whole structure of F1, F2, F3 was built for this reason. Whereas here it hasn’t really developed only for two years.”

“I think we will see it happen, but not right away. It’s probably going to happen, that’s for sure. At the moment, we consider it as valuable as F2, otherwise. It’s finish. They don’t see it that way because it’s happening and they need to stay stabilized. »

Lundgaard, a former member of the Alpine academy, hoped to reach F1 after driving in F2, but he left for the United States because he did not have the precious sesame. According to him, it is out of the question to bend the rules.

“No, because I was disallowed twice with 39 points, and you need 40. The rules are there for a reason. If you can break them and bend them, what’s the point of having them? It’s the same with cheating. »

“The rules are written. There are already some for Free Practice 1, you have one point for each EL1. I don’t know how many points he has, but if he misses two points and makes two EL1s, everything is fine. »

“If that’s what they have to do, then they will. But it’s also a way to get around the rules. I would have been in the same position last year, but I didn’t have one. opportunity. »

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