Firm Building Int’l Cricket Stadium puts Bca on notice | News from Vadodara

Vadodara: The international cricket stadium project that the Barodians have been waiting for for years may again come up against an obstacle. One of the contractors demanded a 20% increase in cost citing the sharp rise in raw material prices and other reasons. The contractor has, in fact, granted five days to the Baroda Cricket Association (VAC) to decide on his request.
“One of the companies involved in the construction of the stadium demanded an increase in the price compared to what it had previously indicated. BCA had five days to decide on the request. Superior Council of the BCA which meets on Tuesday will make a decision on this,” said Kalyan Haribhaktimember of the Board of Governors of the BCA.
The stadium construction companies had demanded a raise in May following which BCA management took legal advice. A BCA official said, “The legal opinion we received made it clear that BCA did not need to accept the contractors’ demands and there was no need to increase the cost of the project. Today, a construction company gave BCA five days to consider its request, but it did not say what it would do if the association did not accept the price increase.
The contractors had claimed they were struggling to hire workers who had returned to their villages during the pandemic over the past two years. The workers demanded more money. In addition, the increase in fuel prices has also affected their budget. Although the contractors claimed to have taken the price hike into account in their initial cost estimate, the unexpected rise in raw material prices forced them to demand an increase.
The construction cost of the stadium was initially set at Rs 80 crore, but it could cost Rs 100 crore if the demand is met. The association is faced with a dilemma in the face of rising prices and therefore no decision has yet been made. BCA plans to complete the construction of the pavilions and key areas of the stadium by the end of this year in order to be able to bid for the IPL matches as soon as possible.
But delays in securing land for the access road widening and demand for price hikes from the construction company could push the deadline further.


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