Deace: American sovereignty is about to be canceled by the World Health Organization. For your own good, of course.

May the spirit of Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone be upon us. For her clarity in putting chronic heresy dog ​​Nancy Pelosi in the penalty box, it’s also what ordinary Americans need, if we don’t wish to be ruled permanently by Hydra-esque organizations like the World Organization. of health.

Because granting this organization power over nothing less than reality itself – overarching definitions of borders, laws, health, risk, etc. – is just days away from happening, at the behest of President Joe Biden and his demonic puppeteers. They actually sent the order in earlier this year to make it happen, having learned nothing from the constant “expert” failures of Fauci, CDC, lockdowns, masks, jab, etc.

Or, unfortunately, have they learned sinister lessons too well? No one was punished for their failures or their crimes against humanity. In fact, many have received rewards or enriched themselves. So party, Wayne, party, Garth.

Yet too many countries (Sweden) or states (Florida) still had the freedom to go their own way and overthrow the system, once they put fear aside and saw the COVID threat to theater production rich in propaganda that it largely was. So why shouldn’t the country with the oldest and greatest constitution in the world lead the charge to end all that freedom, since that old piece of parchment wasn’t even enough to protect American citizens from the theft of elections in 2020?

Completely sensible. Yes I am serious.

That’s why I don’t even fear that the WHO will steal our national sovereignty, because unfortunately we have no more national sovereignty to give. As I just said above, we are leading the charge on this. So we are not robbed against our will. We are not victims. We are literally asking to be violated. And our own institutions – legal, educational, artistic, theistic – have been run by such sadomasochists for some time. After all, most of them played the role of the dutiful submissive when their statist masters demanded they take the job.

I am much more worried for us than for the WHO. Do we know what time it is?

Whether or not COVID is as scary as first reported or the bad flu it turned out to be, do you think anyone other than Americans should be able to define the threats to health and their remedies for us? Because the vote taking place May 22-28 will ratify what so many of us seemed to want during COVID. We will be treated like children, as most of us obediently wished during COVID. The nations will have no say what health really looks like, whether it is in real or potential danger, or whether the cure is worse than the disease.

For example, the WHO will be able to command and direct the response where and how it sees fit, regardless of national popular will or government ratification, from organizations such as the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, International Atomic Energy International, International Civil Aviation Organization, International Maritime Organization, International Committee of the Red Cross, International Federation of Societies of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, International Air Transport Association and International Maritime Federation.

Just as the founders intended, right?

With so many internationals on the plate, I promise you this: your guns will be a health issue. Your “white privilege” will be a matter of health. Your “misogyny” will be a health issue. Your contrarianism will be a health problem. Like all things you follow and/or believe as Spirit of the Age dissent, in order to circumvent the complicated issue of your “rights”.

It will also be for your good, says the Karen with the Klaus Schwab tattoo who takes your children away from you in broad daylight for offenses against pronouns.

It will happen. And it won’t be WHO’s fault; it will be ours. We will have sold our birthright for much less than a bowl of stew. So either we accept the fate that generations of confusion, decadence and cowardice have wrought, or we fight the fight that must be fought.

Because he is there, right in front of us, no matter where we are. And if we fight and win these fights, the WHO and its minions will not stand a chance, for they would not dare even test an armed population – armed with both the courage of conviction and a serious Second Amendment.

As always, the answer is us. Let’s find out, shall we?

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