Construction industry and Magic Valley employees in high demand

TWIN FALLS, Idaho – The College of Southern Idaho Workforce Development, Idaho Department of Labor and Southern Idaho Economic Development hosted a construction career fair to highlight the industry and its contribution to economic growth in the Magic Valley.

CSI’s workforce program manager Alex Wolford said there are different paths to construction. This hiring event was meant to connect as construction demand continues. According to the Idaho Department of Labor, there are approximately 2,700 job openings in the construction labor market statewide each year.

Idaho Department of Labor workforce consultant Morgan Biggs said the department is a resource for connecting people with employers.

“People in the construction industry, employers are definitely looking for people to work with and there are job openings everywhere right now,” Biggs said.

In 2020, census data showed that Idaho’s population was the second fastest growing in the country.

As Magic Valley continues to grow, the need for employees to meet the high demand in construction projects is crucial.

Twin Falls’ population has increased by more than 16%, while housing units have increased by approximately 11% to meet growing housing demand and overall expansion.

“We have a lot of employers who have this high demand,” Wolford said. “Our economic growth here in the Magic Valley keeps growing, so if we don’t have the people to meet that need, the projects unfortunately get cancelled.”

The CSI Workforce Development will host events on a monthly basis to meet the various industry needs in the Magic Valley.

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