BIGA Group is market leader with 3 main BIGA CONS products,

Shenzen, China, Oct. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Investing in an international standard technology platform, BIGA Group is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in terms of insulation board production – green materials are the trend of industry construction industry.


  • Specialized panel construction
  • Aluminum and glass construction
  • Plaster construction
  • Seam-locked roof construction


  • Products such as roof panel, exterior wall panel, panel partition, panel ceiling, sliding door, panel door…
  • Functions such as heat resistant, soundproof, soundproof, heatproof, fireproof.


  • Folding door
  • awning window
  • Automatic glass door
  • Casement window
  • louver
  • Sliding window
  • edge glass
  • Facade wall

Factory system, Korean technology line

BIGA’s production line is 100% imported from Korea and installed and operated by experienced Korean engineers. Korea is known as a country that has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture, construction and application of panels – this green material in industrial and civil works. And it is also the country that shapes the quality standards of panels in the world.

Modern international standard equipment with large capacity enables timely progress for dozens of projects at the same time. BIGA panels are made in various ways such as roofs, wall panels, panel partitions, ceiling panels, etc., with good performance in heat insulation, sound insulation, heat resistance. heat, noise resistance, fire resistance, etc. North, BIGA PANEL is often mentioned as a supplier of branded and prestigious panels and is remembered by customers in the first place when it is necessary to build factories, warehouses, clean rooms, cold stores.

Source of Korean standard ingredients

According to Mr.Luu Van Can – CEO of BIGA PANEL, in order to create insulation and heat-resistant panel products…”to please” even demanding customers from Korea – the cradle of the panel, besides Korean machinery and technology , BIGA PANEL is also “strict” in selecting standard Korean raw materials and continuously improving the skills and qualifications of technical team and production workers.

Optimize costs for customers through a closed value chain process

Moving from production to construction by optimizing the value chain operation model, proactively from factory system, truck fleet to construction engineers, BIGA guarantees to bring to customers. Global solution, complete project objectives with the most optimal budget.

The closed chain process helps BIGA avoid waste from the production stage, optimize the cost, and the construction cost will be more competitive, helping customers save greatly. BIGA will also be more responsible for warranty, from product quality to construction quality. Ensure more on-time commitment, as BIGA takes initiative from production, transportation to direct construction.” – QS Department – Kovicons Construction Co., Ltd.

The first choice of entrepreneurs and projects of IDE-International

Not stopping at outstanding competitive advantages, BIGA always periodically deploys training activities to improve the attitudes, thinking, work safety as well as professional skills of all employees. . The core values ​​built and preserved in every BIGA person such as “Discipline – Honesty – Dedication – Creativity – Love” have “conquered” even professional entrepreneurs around the world like Sungdo, Young Jin, Hanvina, KH vina…or investors who are “picky and rigorous” in terms of product quality and aesthetics such as Foseca, Luxshare, Lucky Dragon, ITM, KMH.

“After visiting and inspecting BIGA’s factory several times, I chose BIGA because BIGA has a very neat and clean factory. Professionalism is reflected in the smallest things like that.” – Project Management – Shared SUNGDO contractor. Based on many years of experience in building BIGACONS – the national brand holding the No.1 market share in the construction of industrial sandwich panel factories in Northern Vietnam, the BIGA PANEL brand has made a breakthrough in 2019. become one of the most successful companies in Vietnam in terms of manufacturing insulation and fireproof panels.


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