Apis Cor Announces New Observer Board

MELBOURNE, Fla., April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Apis Cor, inventors of robotic 3D printing for perfectly precise and automated building construction, today announced the creation of a new observer council. The first two advisory members are Jamie Poulos and André Vidrine who bring valuable experience and unique perspectives to all aspects of the 3D construction process.

“Apis Cor’s mission is much more than rethinking the construction process. We are reshaping the industry as a whole,” said Anna Cheniuntai, co-founder and CEO of Apis Cor. “Our Board of Observers has a wide range of expertise and experience in many areas relevant to our business, including planning and development, civil engineering, building permits, customer acceptance, construction scale and construction management.”

With more than 25 years of land use planning experience, Jamie Poulos will bring an in-depth knowledge of federal, state, regional and local stormwater and land use regulations to his work on the board. A partner at Poulos & Bennett in Orlando, Florida, Jamie is an expert in rights, civil design, permits and construction management of planned developments in a variety of sectors.

André Vidrine’s 25-year career in real estate has involved civil engineering design, large-scale developments and acquisitions with private and public entities, and premier home construction projects. He is the founder and managing partner of Integrative Development Group in Orlando, Florida, where he has worked extensively negotiating sales agreements, performing financial analysis, performing competitive market analysis, and providing horizontal and vertical development oversight. .

“We are honored to welcome Jamie and Andre as advisors,” Cheniuntai continued. “They will undoubtedly provide insightful and critical advice as Apis Cor strives to drive growth, bring value to our partners and customers, and lead the emerging 3D construction industry.”

About Apis Cor
Founded in 2016 by Nikita and Anna Cheniuntai, Apis Cor is an American technology company based in Melbourne, Florida, which develops cutting-edge technologies and materials for construction 3D printing. The company holds the Guinness Book World Record for the tallest 3D printed building on Earth and is a proud resident of the Outsight Network of Autodesk Technology Centers. A successful participant in NASA’s ‘3D Printed Habitat Challenge’, Apis Cor received top honors in several categories. Apis Cor is backed by Alchemist Accelerator, the premier accelerator for enterprise startups, and At One Ventures, a venture capital and private equity firm that backs deep tech companies that are a net positive for nature and the planet. To learn more about 3D printing construction technology, visit: www.Apis-Cor.com.

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