Alabama AGC Hosts 2022 BUILDSouth Awards Ceremony: CEG

(LR) are Camilla and Al Stanley, and Mac and Kristi Caddell.

Alabama AGC held its annual BUILDSouth awards ceremony on April 14 at the Birmingham Club. The event recognized outstanding projects from the previous year as well as leading companies and individuals who have made a significant impact within the state and industry.

Awards were given to those who produced outstanding work in categories such as workforce development, community development, safety, building construction, highway construction and more.

Alabama AGC also recognized those who demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the association with the Legacy Award for 50 years of service to Alabama AGC. This year also saw the presentation of the AGC Women in Construction award, as well as scholarships awarded to three bright local female students aspiring to careers in construction and contracting.

At this year’s AGC BUILDSouth Awards Ceremony, Rick Pate of Pate Landscape Co. Inc. was inducted into the AGC Hall of Fame.

The 2022 Alabama MCO officers were also announced at the event.

Evans Dunn (L) and Ben Nevins

The following individuals will serve as MCO officers:

  • Chairman of the Board – Mark Harry (Birmingham) of Marathon Electrical Contractors Inc.
  • President — Evans Dunn (Birmingham) of Dunn Construction Co. Inc.
  • Vice President — Rob Middleton (Mobile) of Middleton Construction LLC
  • 2nd Vice President — Matt Rabren (Auburn) of Rabren General Contractors Inc.
  • Treasurer — Mac Caddell (Montgomery) of Caddell Construction Co. LLC.

“We are delighted to hand over to Evans and welcome Mac Caddell as the new Treasurer,” said Mark Harry, outgoing President and incoming Chairman of the Board. “As things continue to normalize, we expect more and more in-person activities for our members.

Alabama AGC 2022 BUILDSouth Award Winners


  • Richard Conway
  • Braden Spann
  • Ella Kate Howard

    Fellows Ella Kate Howard and Richard Conway.

Security Rewards

  • FL Crane & Son Inc.
  • Vulcan Material Company
  • WS Newell & Sons Inc.
TW Pugh Award of Excellence in Safety
  • David Tisdale, Construction Whaley

Legacy Awards for 50+ years of service to the Alabama AGC

  • Saliba Construction Co. Inc.
AGC Women in Construction Award
  • Rachel Harvey, Brasfield & Gorrie LLC
Associate Member of the Year Award
  • Joel Quillen, FS Insurance
Public Owner of the Year
  • University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Workforce Development Award
  • Troy Pike Technology Center
Honorable Mentions
  • Community Involvement: BL Harbert International — The Grand Challenge Bush Hills
  • Renovations — Construction of the highway: construction of wired grass, repair of runway 18R/36L
  • New – Less than 5 million – Building construction: Doster Construction Company, Huntsville Eye Surgery Center
  • New — Building construction: Brasfield & Gorrie LLC, Carroll A. Campbell Jr. US Courthouse
  • New — Building construction: Stone Building Company, Wright Street parking area
  • Specialized contractor: Marathon Electrical, Valley Hotel
  • Specialized contractor: Virginia Wrecking Co. Inc., Amazon “Project Magic”: demolition of the Century Plaza shopping center
  • Community Involvement Award: Rabren General Contractors, 2021 Travis L. Rabren Foundation Annual Project
  • Specialty Contractor: North Alabama Fabricating Co. Inc., SteelRidge Center
  • Renovations — Less than 5 million — Building construction: Rives Construction Company, Telegraph Creative
  • Renovations – Less than 5 million – Freeway Construction: Dunn Construction Company Inc., I-65 Jefferson County Freeway
  • Renovations — Building construction: Stone Building Company, The Kelly Hotel
  • Renovations — Freeway Construction: Dunn Construction Company Inc., Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport Runway 18/36
  • New — Municipal Utilities: BH Craig Construction, JD Sims — RM Hames WTP, Reverse Osmosis Treatment Process
  • New—Highway Construction: Brasfield & Gorrie LLC, Highway 231 Emergency Bridge Construction
  • New – Design & Build: Caddell Construction/Whitesell-Green JV, New Escambia County Correctional Facility
  • New – Less than 5 million – Building construction: Amason & Associates, expansion of the Showa glove manufacturing plant
  • New — Building construction: BL Harbert International, Secured Gateway Building 100
  • Hall of Fame Inductee: Rick Pate, Pate Landscape Co. Inc.

    Rick Pate’s family celebrated his induction into the Hall of Fame.

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