90 Day Fiancé cast members from the Philippines

90 Day Fiancé cast members have traveled from all over the world, but many, like successful model Rosemarie Vega, hail from the Philippines.

the 90 day fiance The franchise focuses on international romances, including half a dozen relationships between American men and Filipina women. The Philippines produced a number of notable franchise cast members, as several American men sought to bring their Filipino partners to the United States. Find out what 90 day fiance the cast members are from the Philippines.

Several actors in the extension 90 day fiance franchise come from the same countries. The Philippines is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia. The beautiful country has dealt with excessive political issues that have left the country divided by the extremely rich and the extremely poor. The Philippines also has over 175 different languages, is full of volcanoes and home to Asia’s premier basketball team.


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nikki cobbler

Nikki Shoemaker 90 Day Fiance

Nikki Shoemaker was one half of one of the most shocking franchise relationships. Nikki was just 19 when she left Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines to join 58-year-old Mark Shoemaker in Maryland. Many viewers were concerned about Nikki’s well-being due to Mark’s controlling behavior. Viewers just found out that Mark filed for divorce from Nikki this month after alleging she cheated on him.

Aya Gattone

Louis holding a phone for Aya to watch in 90 Day Fiance

Season 1’s Aya Gattone joined Louis Roy Gattone Jr. in Indiana after leaving her life in Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines. The couple met on an online dating site and managed to make their relationship work in the real world. Aya and Louis remain married and share two baby boys.

Daya De Arce

Brett Otto and Daya De Arce: 90 Day Fiancé

Daya De Arce from season 3 is another 90 day fiance Philippine actor. Daya is from San Carlos, Negros Occidental, Philippines. However, she left her life behind to join Brett Otto in Washington. Brett and Daya still live together in the United States with their daughter Isabelle.

Aika Batterson

Josh Aika Batterson: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Aika Batterson is another Filipino woman in the franchise who is still happily married to her American partner. Aika left Quezon, Philippines to join Josh Batterson in Arizona. The couple married in Las Vegas and remain together, although they have yet to fulfill Aika’s dream of having children of their own.

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Cagalitan Hazelnut

Hazel Cagalitan entered the franchise on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days before going to 90 day fiance season 8 with Tarik Myers. Hazel hails from Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines and has faced a rocky relationship with older American Tarik. At one point, the couple attempted to extend their relationship to a band when Hazel came out as bisexual. Despite a breakup and disturbing behavior, Hazel and Tarik are still married.

Jenny Torres

jenny larry 90 day fiance cropped

Jenny Torres is another cast member from the Philippines who had a happy ending in the United States. Jenny married Larry Passariello and they now live together in the United States. Although it took a while for Jenny to be approved to move to Florida, she is now thriving with Larry.

Rosemarie Vega

rose vega in car 90 Day Fiance cropped

Filipino single mother-in-law Rosemarie Vega became one of the most successful franchise actors of all time after dumping Big Ed Brown on Before 90 days. Rose lived in extreme poverty, but she launched a successful career as a YouTuber, model and social media sensation. Numerous 90 day fiance fans are thrilled to see how successful Rose is doing.

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