# 630: Chimerical Dreams, Rockefeller Billions and a Good Cup of Coffee – Plus, the Pope of Nuclear Fission


Appointment, September: It’s the middle of another busy work week, dear readers, as October beckons and September clings to life.

Whatever the timetable, we stay focused on the task at hand: relentless socio-economic innovation. Let’s do this thing!

Solid finish: Today is September 29, the fifth (and obviously the last) Wednesday in September – which means it’s National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, self-proclaimed as America’s greatest event. promoting the well-being of women.

This will cheer you up: September 29 is also National Coffee Day (like you need an excuse).

For the record, Friday is International Coffee Day (like you need an excuse).

Message from VFW: Do you know who liked coffee? Spanish-American War veteran James Putnam. (Actually, we don’t know… but we do know that Putnam founded the Veterans of Foreign Wars nonprofit on that date in 1899, to serve servicemen and women who worked on foreign soil or in hostile waters.)

No static at all: Not quite … but inventor Thomas Edison, noting “harsh and unpleasant sounds” accompanying most early recordings, patented an “improved phonographic recordings” 107 years ago today.

Other US patents issued on this date include a “Spur Attachment For Leggings,” which facilitated the attachment and removal of riding spurs from pant legs and was applied to US inventor and captain William Brown on September 29, 1903.

FM: Not quite… but the first transcontinental and intercontinental radio transmissions were made on this date in 1915, when a radiotelephone call was connected between US Navy stations in Virginia and California, then relayed to Honolulu.

The rich get richer: John Davison Rockefeller became the world’s first billionaire on September 29, 1916, when the stock price of his Standard Oil Co. skyrocketed. (For those who mattered, his net worth at the time was $ 340 billion adjusted, in 2021 dollars.)

Political science: And with a dual mandate to unite the post-war world and accelerate global scientific research, CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research – was founded on September 29, 1954.

CERN now operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, located on the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva.

The Pope physicist: Speaking of nuclear research, Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) – a chief architect of the nuclear age and director of the first man-made nuclear fission chain reaction – would be 120 years old today.

Also born on September 29, the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616), who dreamed big with “Don Quixote”; the heroic British naval officer Horatio Nelson (1758-1805), who thwarted Napoleon at Trafalgar (but paid him off); The American parapsychologist Joseph Rhine (1895-1980), who founded the field of parapsychology and coined the expression “ESP”; The American surgeon John Gibbon Jr. (1903-1973), who was the “father of the heart-lung machine” but did not boast of it; and American aeronautical engineer Paul MacCready (1925-2007), who invented the first human-powered flying machines.

First Sheila: And say hello, Julia Eileen Gillard! The only woman to have served as Australian Prime Minister (2010-2013) – a progressive liberal who reformed Australia’s education system, revamped national health care, earned the country a place on the United States National Security Council and brought the Land Down Under from the ruins of the 2007-2008 global financial crisis – turns 60 today.

Wish the Australian lawyer, professor and pioneer – also the only woman to lead the powerful Australian Labor Party – a good day at [email protected], where news advice is stinging and you are a good shoemaker when you send calendar events. Yours, buddy!

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Tips for kids: Suffolk County Community College has won a very competitive federal grant to help with the programming of Kids Cottage, an on-campus child care program for SCCC students who are also parents.

Four-year grant of $ 443,600 for access to child care means parents at US Department of Education school help meet ‘need for child care reliable and high quality ”which is“ one of the basic needs that can potentially prevent parents from accessing university. According to Edward Bonahue, president of Suffolk County Community College. Located on the Michael J. Grant Campus in Brentwood, Kids Cottage is one of two children’s learning centers SCCC – Campus Kids is based on the Ammerman Campus in Selden – licensed by the State Department of Social Services of New York and open to children of SCCC students, faculty and staff, as well as children of Suffolk County employees and community residents.

Kids’ Cottage director Vickie Calderon, an early childhood education expert who has received rave reviews from QUALITYstarsNY, New York State’s premier early childhood assessment system, said the program – which employs carefully controlled staff and offers flexible scheduling options – would greatly benefit the federal government. processing. “We have a high quality program that goes beyond child care,” Calderon added.

Half a billion reasons: A ten-year-old Metropolitan Transportation Authority program designed to advise minority and women-owned businesses has taken a significant step forward.

With a $ 2 million contract awarded to Staten Island-based Alliance Tri-State Construction, the MTA Small Business Mentorship Program – launched in 2010 – has now helped participating companies win over $ 500 million in contracts. MTA. The Alliance Tri-State contract was the 485th agreement awarded to participants in the mentoring program, which has “worked tirelessly to increase the share of contracts we award” to MWBE companies, according to Michael Garner, head of diversity and business. inclusion of MTA.

Among the statewide companies that won MTA contracts through the program was Hempstead-based Zion Contracting, which specializes in concrete, roofing and other general contractor work. “We started the program in 2011 – a small paint company that dreamed of becoming a general contractor,” said Hely Duarte, president of Zion Contracting. “We got our first MTA contract three months after joining the program… and at the end of the year we were making four times the turnover of the previous year. All with the help of the Small Business Mentorship Program.


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Holding this thought: A Nevada-based holding company has a high opinion of Stony Brook-based electric vehicle pioneer Unique Electric Solutions, as evidenced by a multi-million dollar buy-in.

Associative donation: A generous donation from a member of the board of directors and his family has enabled the Family and Children’s Association to move into a new high-tech headquarters in Garden City.

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Noting an inexorable link between climate change and public health, Voices healthcare presenter Terry Lynam – former senior vice president / public relations director of Northwell Health – applauds local and federal action to address both crises.


Central strategy: Genius leadership is thriving – but the heart of innovation comes from middle management. Sifted center.

Creative catalyst: Business creation in business is now essential for rapid innovation. Forbes is stepping up.

Network know-how: Harvard scientists have broken through the science of successful little talk. CNBC makes connections.


+ Owl’s Brew, a Connecticut-based tea-based beverage leader, has secured $ 9 million Series A funding led by Formidable Asset Management, Cambridge SPG, Connecticut Innovations, Tidal River and Wheelhouse.

+ Garuda Therapeutics, a Massachusetts-based biotech specializing in blood stem cell therapies, raised $ 72 million in Series A funding led by Aisling Capital, Northpond Ventures and Orbimed, with participation from Cormorant Asset Management , Ridgeback Capital Investments, Monashee Investment Management and Mass General Brigham Ventures.

+ Pass It Down, a Louisiana-based digital storytelling firm, has raised nearly $ 2 million in funding led by VentureSouth, with participation from Cultivation Capital, Techstars, Red Stick Angels and Acadian Capital Ventures.

+ Advanced Farm Technologies, a California developer of robotic agricultural technology, has completed a $ 25 million Series B financing round led by Catapult Ventures, with participation from Kubota Corp., Yamaha Motor Corp. and Impact Ventures.

+ NOCD, an Illinois-based obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment provider, closed $ 33 million Series B funding round led by F-Prime Capital, Eight Roads Ventures, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, 7wireVentures, Health Enterprise Partners and Chicago Ventures.

+ 6K, a Massachusetts energy company specializing in sustainable energy storage materials and additive manufacturing powders, has raised $ 51 million in Series C funding led by Volta Energy Technologies, Catalus Capital, S Cap / Prithvi Ventures, Anzu Partners, Launch Capital, Impact Material and RKS Ventures.

UNDER THE FOLD (Place Your Bets Edition)

Risk everything: With a federal default – and a major recession – on the table, the GOP is betting with the US economy to gain political points.

Good bet: Why Morgan Stanley is doubling bitcoin.

Smart money: Innovative ways to pay for college.

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